Kim Kollektor

Viking Treasures

Archaeology game

In this game – Kim Kollektor Viking Treasures – the player is Kim Kollektor, a young and promising archaeologist and collector of historical items, who travels around the world and Europe, following In the Footsteps of the Vikings, searching for Viking material for his collection. He gets help from his former teacher, Professor Juan Torero and from the assisting personnel. Then he arranges exhibitions in different cities, and gets income from the visitor fees. With this and other funding he then can arrange more archaeological excavations, and also acquire artifacts by direct purchases. The archaeological excavations can take place on the ground or on the sea, depending on the locality. To map the excavation areas one uses a soil radar, an echo sounder and a metal detector – as in real life. Besides that, Kim Kollektor has an imaginary Ghost Cam, which gives direct information about the Viking life and history.

Viking game

The goal in the game is to accumulate the collection around Viking history, and thus gather fame. Acting in the game also consumes energy: the player has to maintain the necessary energy level by using nourishing and lodging services. Money will be spent by travelling, accommodations, equipment, nutrition – and first of all to the wages of the excavation labor force, and to organizing exhibitions plus the advertising needed.

Tourism game

The game presents the characteristics of real municipalities and their major tourist attractions. Different game versions cover the routes of the Vikings, including the towns and cities along them. In the first version, coasts of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, together with the cities of the Nordic countries in general, will be in the key role.

3D game

The graphic user interface of the game involves a three-dimensional view, where the player moves in the excavation field or the sea area, performs measurements and scans using the metal detector, Ghost Cam and a submersible camera – after he has performed the preliminary scans using a soil radar or an echo sounder. Based on these scrutinies he then decides about the scope and duration of the excavations or diving explorations. The hired hands then maintain the exploration site, when the player (Kim Kollektor) is free to travel to the next exploring location, or to arrange an exhibition, take part in a conference, or some other activity. The workers will announce when any new artifacts are found.

Adventure game, travel game, business game

There are also haphazard incidents in the game, lucky occasions and mishaps – against the latter the player should try to shield, when and where possible. In whole, this is an adventure where significant perspectives are travelling and business economy and most essential aim is to use archaeological tools, collect, evaluate and organize historical material around Viking era.

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