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About Us

We are a new company, with an experienced team of founders making games, software and other entertainment and media productions.

We craft family friendly and sometimes educational but funny games, characters, and stories for all platforms, media, genders and ages.

If you are interested in joining our team, see about the available careers. Or would partnering suit you better perhaps? Investors also welcome.

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Our Games

Our team has worked on several game concepts before, and is now concentrating on our upcoming Professor Toro Viking Treasures game.

We are currently working on Professor Toro concept.
Professor Toro Viking Treasures game characters

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We are planning on providing a platform for our players, enthusiasts, artists and aficionados to interact, share, participate and trade, among other things, with a possibility of being included in or affecting the games.

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Both physical and virtual products of many kinds are in the works. Keep your eye on the site .

Our plans for Gamore / game specific Shops